Bang Hai Towers full line-up announcement!

Towering nine stories high over Downtown's horizon, this multi-channel broadcasting centre is the jewel in the crown of Bang Hai Industries and headquarters for all things bass & garage...

Looming at the edge of Downtown these towering laser beams of bass act as the city's communication hub and Bang Hai Industries HQ...
Full Bang Hai Towers line-up incoming, 1pm.

Calling all creatives! Be a part of the story...

As always we’re on the lookout for creative crews to keep the city filled to the brim with the eccentric, the engaging and the straight up weird! So if you’re a collective that wants to get involved, then make sure you get in touch. We love to embrace and nurture the brains that like to think outside of the box…

Ways to get involved:
- Theatrical sideshows
- Window installations
- Walkabout characters
- Theatrical collectives

Read more about what we're looking for here...

Oldtown line-up announcement!

A maze of meandering streets harbouring a myriad of mysteries...Envelope yourself in a global knees up of folk punk and Balkan roots, street theatre, circus and a whole new dimension of immersive experiences from the Invisible Circus!

Hot off the press!
Oldtown line-up coming tomorrow at 1pm!!
Prepare to meet the curious characters and explore the venues they inhabit when the bohemian circus rolls into town...

Metropolis line-up announcement!

Continuing their prolific investment in the city, the multi tentacled Bang Hai Industries have introduced the technologically advanced and augmented area of Metropolis.

Come and celebrate all things house, disco & techno whilst flashing adverts guide you through your daily decisions...

with: Bugged Out!/ Denis Sulta (Sulta Selects) / Edible

Beaming lights of Boomtown's technological hub now shine from where once stood Chinatown...
Introducing the glowing streets of Metropolis - the new home of house, techno & disco. Line-up landing today.

Here's to all of the fantastic females who work behind the scenes and on the stages,
On the front line and in the trenches.
Who drive us forward and help make dreams a reality
Where would be, without you?
Happy International Women's Day!

Brand new district announcement for Chapter 10...

Bang Hai Real Estate presents a huge opulent gated complex filled with leisure and relaxation facilities for the movers, shakers, and the gilded risk takers...
Feel better about yourself, become somebody else.

Welcome to Paradise Heights!

Get ready for the first unveiling of the brand new redeveloped Mayfair Avenue...

Coming tomorrow at 1pm, Bang Hai Real Estate presents: Paradise Heights!

Line-up announcement, Sector 6!

Nestled deep in a valley on the edge of the city, this huge abandoned power complex has been regenerated by the mighty Bang Hai Nuclear programme...


Last year we had a lot of people turning up who had unknowingly purchased fraudulent tickets and sadly, if you don't have a valid ticket, you will not get into the festival. Whether you've bought it in good faith or not, PLEASE don’t let this be you!

To help prevent this we are allowing people to request refunds for a limited time and then the opportunity for those looking to buy a ticket in the resale in June. Please help us, help you :) xx

More info here:

**All standard & festival traveller tickets are now SOLD OUT!!!!**

Biggest love and massive thank you to everyone joining us for our 10th Chapter celebrations in August, we're totally blown away by the sheer support you've all given us!!!

For those who didn't quite get round to securing your ticket, there will be a couple of very limited options to still come along. These include the ticket resale in June and brand new Paradise Gardens Hospitality packages.. Please see news story below for more information:

Photo Credit charlie raven photography

Step beyond the smoke grimed alleyways and into Boomtown's past... introducing Copper County!

Spawning from the Wild West frontier town, the dawn of the industrial age is upon us and brings with it music halls and bars aplenty. Listen out for the distant murmur of strike brewing in the underbelly of the newly built gleaming avenues, where top hats roam and ballgowns strut...

Copper County represents all things folk, global fusion, Americana, hillbilly, bluegrass & more!

Look out! The Copper County (formerly Wild West) district line-up lands at 6pm today...


All standard weekend tickets will be gone in the next couple of hours, leaving only a small number of festival traveller packages available.

For more information on our new Park & Ride traveller packages, new 50/50 split tickets & more, go here:

Diss-order Alley Line-Up Announcement!

An abandoned military base has been reclaimed by nature and occupied by a clan of proactive punk rockers.... A self sufficient autonomous community is forming with a clear declaration of resistance to the development of Bang Hai Industries.

Welcome to Diss-order Alley, a new district with four venues of foot stomping ska, punk and metal - live music to make your spine shake and your ears ache!

Diss-order Alley line-up release at 1pm... Hands up if you're ready?!
(You're not ready!)


Congratulations Gorillaz on winning best British Group at the BRIT Awards last night.

We're so excited to have them join us in the city for their only UK date this year!

Psychedelic Gatherings Full Line-Up!

Explore a universe unlike any other in the distinctive woodlands on the outskirts of our city and come together for one of the largest celebrations of psy culture in the UK this summer...

Delve into the Psychedelic Gatherings district line-up tomorrow, acts across three stages will be announced at 1pm... xx

Whistlers Green Line-Up Announcement!

Looking out over downtown, The Whistlers Green meadows and new Whistlers Woods take you back to the very roots of festival culture and celebrate eco and sustainable living... x

Whistlers Green World

Our first district line up is dropping in under 2 hours!! Here's a peek into the wonderful world up at Whistlers Green & Kidztown, Boomtown Fair.

Track: Heartbreaker by The Allergies
Video by: Henry Meredith

Happy day of loveliness! Here's to using this day to celebrate all those wonderful people in our lives who help us be the best we can be every single day. Big love team xx

The Whistlers Green line up is arriving on Thursday and with it a taster of the eclectic mix of speakers who will be starting discussions and raising debates at Speakers' Corner...

Snapped by: Harvey Mills Photography


We had an unbelievable surge in ticket sales after line-up release last night that puts us very close to selling out of all tiered tickets...

There will be only be the very limited number of Full Price or Coach & Shuttle Traveller package options available ...

Hope to see you in the city for chapter 10 xx

Explore the first wave of artists performing across all major stages for the 10th chapter of Boomtown Fair...

Delve in deep and enjoy!! xx

Boomtown at Chapter 10

Who are Boomtown??

Ahead of tomorrow's line up announcement we've been reflecting on the past decade and looking forward to the future...

Click below to find out more about who we are and why we do what we do... xx

10 Years of Music Culture

A 10 year celebration of live music culture from over 50 countries worldwide...

Major headliners release this Thursday, 5pm.

Music: Njoka - Mokoomba

Boomtown - Chapter 10 - Official Trailer

The story continues... The Official Chapter 10 Trailer.

Better with sound ;)

Catch up on previous chapters here:

Film by: Alex Allen Films and Clockwise Media Ltd
Track by The Carny Villains

You Are Being Distracted

The close of Chapter 9 saw hackers momentarily infiltrate the mainframe of Bang Hai Industries.

The motives of this cell, as with the identity of its operatives, remains a mystery, with their only calling card relaying this message...


More tomorrow, 1pm.


Change is as good as a rest! But since we're not really one's to rest, here's a heads up that Facebook is changing its settings which will impact your ability to see our posts, even if you follow our page.

To stay in the know and be the first to hear our Boomtown news (especially with headliner announcement in under 10 days!) please follow these two simple steps:

1) Go to our page
2) Select 'see first' on the drop down menu on the 'Following' tab.

Sorted 😉 xx

Kidztown, Boomtown Fair

So many wonderful characters can be found up in Kidztown, Boomtown Fair where silliness is most definitely mandatory!

Timeline Photos

The traditional Sunday parade making its way through Oldtown...
A mountain of colour, creativity and vibes

When you enter DSTRKT 5 at night ....!!

The sheer scale of influence from the genius of a creative mind is without question.

This week the world has lost two heavy weights of creative inspiration, from the out spoken post punk legend Mark E. Smith (The Fall) to the fantasy worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin.

Massive love to those who think freely and enable the rest of the world to experience their light. xx

Art by: Immy Sunshine

Positively tingling with anticipation thinking about what our 10th Chapter will bring... xx

Before we release the line-up for CH10, you can relive some of the best artists from CH9 with our first ever Boomtown USB, fully stocked with over 2 1/2 hours of music from across the city, as well as a few bonus bits!

All proceeds will be donated to local homeless charity Trinity Winchester xx

There are loads of ways you can bring your creativity to the city streets, check out the Get Involved section of the website and see where your skills may fit...

Please note that band applications for 2018 are now closed. Volunteer positions will open in early spring and for all those wondering, line up announcements are coming in February... ;) xx

Have an amazing weekend everyone!
We're going to pretend it's warm and sunny and we're back in the city just for a little bit... ;) xx

There's nothing more beautiful than being yourself xx
Photography: Jody Hartley

Officially ready to focus on line up announcements. Music office have locked in some beasts, February can't come quick enough...

We're almost back to 'normality' after seeing off 2017 and looking forward to all the shenanigans, curious characters and outright weirdness that 2018 has to offer ... :) xx

Here's to another year of creative madness, fierce independence and new family xx

It can be easy to pack in too much during the holidays, so here's a few tips to declutter your brain in preparation for 2018...
Sleep More! Catch up with the zzz's, sleep is beyond important, physically and mentally
Purge the inbox - clean out the emails and texts you'll never read or reply to.
And most importantly...
Do Less, Laugh More 😉

Photos from Boomtown Fair's post

Thank you to everyone who balanced their festival journey in 2017! Together with Energy Revolution, fellow UK festivals and you, we balanced over 1.1 million miles with investment in clean renewable energy this year (or 1,169,321 average car miles to be precise) which is the equivalent of 361,012 kg CO2e! Great work everyone xx

'Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.'

Big love from your Boomtown Family xx

Christmas Eve... Are you prepared? No?!
That's alright. Remember, being with your loved ones is the best gift you can give xx

It's official!!! Presenting a brand new District for CH10.


Supplying the heaviest in underground live music, covering more genres to list; at its heaviest, you are simply not ready for what's to come....

Have an amazing Xmas xxx

Boomtown Fair

Heading into its tenth chapter of underground music; mixing art, theatre and performance in a living, breathing, fictitious city

Evolving from a small gathering of like-minded friends into a vast pop-up metropolis celebrating a dizzying kaleidoscope of musical and artistic endeavour. Boomtown is one of the worlds most innovative festivals, offering its 60,000 people a fully immersive, theatrically-led experience like no other with hundreds of actors bringing the film-like street sets to life.

From mindblowing main stages to enchanting backstreet micro-venues, Boomtown's nine fully themed districts vibrate night and day to a soundtrack exploring everything from ska, folk, gypsy, reggae, world, punk, pirate and disco, via electro-swing, jazz, bluegrass, bass, jungle and techno. It's a city where imagination truly is the only boundary.