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Lining the city streets are some of the most mind bending street venues you will ever have the joy of finding. With over 80 to discover, our street venues and pop-up parties take citizens on a cultural and historical tour of the musical underground, and provide some of the silliest escapism and theatrical lunacy to be found within the city streets. These pockets of immersive play embody the heart of our Fair, catalysts as for those magical moments that make the festival the adventure that it is.

From the @Renegade Street Rave celebration of free party culture, the taxidermy badgers of Rimski's Yard, the infamous Boomtown Jobcentre Christmas parties and all the other long standing crews such as 24hr Garage Girls, The ASBO Disco, Dubtendo Kaotik Kartel, Wrong Side Of The Tracks - Gorilla Tactics Loose Lips ALAN's Banghai Studios - Chinatown District, Boomtown Bang-Hard Tek Shop (Previously So-Fun Tek) at Boomtown Fair 2017 @Boomtown Fair Wonka-Vision takeover Freak Boutique stage, salon & sideshow- Boomtown Rokoko's Emporium at Boomtown Fair 2017 Hitechnicians The Copper Feel Cabaret Mr Whompy at Boomtown 2017 Sky Bar Boomtown The Park Hotel // Boomtown Fair Wayne and Wanda's Doris Dodo's Olbitchuary Office at BoomTown Fair 2016 The Inconvenience Superstore and more...

The streets are buzzing with adventures into the unexpected, and tales of the totally unexplainable. Make sure to wander off the beaten path and discover what hidden treasures await behind each unassuming door...

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In between the musical discovery and theatrical adventures, there is a space filled with nutrition for the mind and insightful discussion to inspire the soul. We believe it’s a necessity to provoke thought, engage in debate and learn from one another in a safe, welcoming space with the aim to raise social awareness a snippet of discussion at a time..xx
See our website for the full discussion descriptions here >> <<

Map walk around - Get to know the city before you arrive.

With exactly 3 weeks to go until we kick off Chapter 9, we've put together this handy BTN Map to walk you through the various arrival options and highlight which campsites are best for people depending on where you enter the city.

**Please note** The downloadable map will be available from next Wednesday (26/07/17)
Boomtique Hilltop, Family Camping and Camper Van parking is at Orange Gate
Boomtique Downtown, Coach Drop Off and General Drop Off Points are at Blue Gate
Car Passes can be bought on the gate for £45
All travel information can be found on your essential guide here:

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There's been a fair few questions coming in about accepted forms of ID. We don't accept photocopies, but anyone who'd rather not risk losing precious passports or driving licenses, CitizenCard's will be accepted all across the city.

We've wangled a discount for you all with CitizenCard >> << simply enter BOOMTOWN in the voucher code box to get £5 off. Order by THIS Friday to get it in time for the festival.

Don't risk your passport or driving licence being one of the hundreds making up our pile of lost property! xx

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Our woodland forest parties really are some of the most magical on earth.
Make sure you take the time to discover all of them and experience each unique area for yourself...xx
Check out what's in store here:
Image by: IllumiNaughty

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Respect Yourself - Respect the City:

Last year was the worst year in our history for mess left by citizens and we've seen a really shocking trend happening at events all over the country of people just leaving mounds of rubbish, tents, sleeping bags etc... expecting someone else to tidy it up afterwards.

If you don't think you'll be taking your tent or sleeping stuff home with you at the end then PLEASE go for the pre-pitched tent option with either Tangerine Fields or CampLight.

Help spread the word and leave the city on Monday morning feeling like you have done all you can to take everything with you and leave no trace.

(stock image used - Glastonbury 2017)


**Friday Mix**

Get your ears around this dedicated reggae mix that our main man AAA Badboyhas put together as a proper introduction to the Lion's Den this year.

This year we have our biggest selection of Jamaican artists at the festival ever; from the originators to those pushing the music forwards into the next generation, we're going on a complete musical tour of the home of one of our favourite music genres.

Also, final warning to anyone wanting to get a car parking pass, they go off sale at midnight TONIGHT! get one here:

BTN: Boomtique & Bang Hai Redevelopments

ALL NEW BTN: Further updates from our redeveloping friends over at Bang Hai Industries, home comfort camping with Boomtique and pre-pitching made easy with Camplight and Tangerine Fields... Festivalling at it's easiest ;)

Although its less than 30 days until we are all together in the city which is insanely exciting, we need to spread the word that security outside the city has increased 4 times on last year to ensure anyone without a ticket wont make it into the festival for ch 9.

Please spread the word far and wide and help discourage people breaking in as it seriously jeopardises the future of the festival.

Respect to all - Boomtown HQ

ps - If you registered for the tickets we have bought back then the first 100 people to sign up will have just been sent an email from please note you have 48 hours to redeem these tickets otherwise they will go to the next in the queue.

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Wow, what an amazing response to our Minirigs Ticket competition! Thank you everyone for sharing your stories of loveliness, it's been so uplifting seeing everyone's heartwarming memories each morning :)

Congratulations to our three winners Jack Lloyd, Thomas Hasler and Mell Horn - we can't wait to create more happy stories with you this summer! Please email so we can get your tickets sent out! Here are the winning stories for Chapter 9, we're really looking forward to all the stories of friendship and community spirit to be made at the festival this year! Big love xx


Jack Lloyd

Two years ago I was lucky enough to get myself a ticket to Glastonbury Festival but unfortunately my friend wasn't so lucky meaning I was going on my lonesome. I searched online for other people who were going alone and wanted to get together and I came across a couple of guys called Charlie & Scully, they were arranging a group for people who also were in the same predicament.

This group was one of the most life changing things that ever happened to me, after three festivals & the group expanding from 30 people to 180 people we have established a family of caring & loving individuals that were once strangers and now are life long friends. We are camp solo! Filled with festival love & good vibes, bringing people together & being a prime example of what love & unity is about. I met some of my best friends in this group & the love of my life. I can't think of any other story or example that shows support and love as much as this one, I have the organisers to thank and the people because without them it wouldn't be the same!
Love You Camp Solo ✌️

P.S. This is my attempt to go to Boomtown with camp solo as I didn't manage to get a ticket! 😁

Thomas Hasler

I wrote my story as a poem but the facts are all there.......

I went for a walk to see the sunrise,
When I saw a young fella with tears in his eyes,

Left on his tod fairly drunk on wine,
After taking mushrooms for the first time.

I could not leave him on this downward trip,
So we talked and made friends sat hip to hip,

We explored the woods where I showed him the dragon,
Passed the healing fields and walked to Carmagedon,

As time went on he became fond of me,
And wanted to explore his sexuality,

As a good Samaritan I refused to accept the moves,
So we hugged and went to look for his shoes.

As the sun rose
So did his facial pose

Now my story is at it’s end,
Remember to never leave a friend!

Thomas @ Glastonbury 2017

Mell Horn When my 5 year old son died of pneumonia laying next to me in bed.. all my mates turned up at the hospital unexpected took me home and sat with me all night while i played the same song over and over again.. then they all chipped round to get a horse and cart for his funeral now every year on his birthday we all get tog and let 100 balloons go.real friends that i will love forever ... realworldrightthere

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Our massive ticket giveaway and Minirigs competition closes at midnight tonight!!
The post with the most likes will not only win 2 x tickets to this year's festival but also an exclusive Boomtown branded Minirig!

If you're yet to get involved, head over to our competition pic (link below) and comment there with your favourite 'nice people' story, or liking your favourite ones. Winner to be announced on Monday. xx

BTN - important news from inside the city

Catch up on all the latest news around the city, some important info, plus an exclusive interview with the city's 'brand' new 'sponsor' enjoy x

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Due to the amount of fraudulent ticket sales that have been reported to us, we are offering a limited amount of refunds and resale tickets to take place DIRECTLY via our ticket website to help limit the amount of people who may be victims of criminal activity.

For anyone looking to purchase a ticket, please register with to be placed in a queue. TO REGISTER PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK:

TheTicketSellers will then email out ticket purchase links on a first come, first served basis when tickets are sold back to the festival.

PLEASE NOTE: Registering for a ticket does not guarantee a ticket to the festival.

If you would like to sell your ticket back to the festival, please email TheTicketSellers at

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1st prize - a pair of festival tickets and one limited edition Boomtown Minirigs
2nd prize - a pair of festival tickets + an item of Boomtown chapter 9 merch
3rd prize - a pair of festival tickets

The Competition:

When building and planning this city, the absolute main thing is the safety of everybody who comes to play with us. We do our best to look after people in a variety of ways, through our medical, welfare, stewards and this year we've gone that extra step further with the drug testing services provided by The Loop - see full details here:

But now we want to hear from you, how you look out for each other and generally have each other's backs in life. The real world has been a bit hard to take recently so we want lovely stories and examples of humans at their very best; times when someone brought sunshine into your world, and lifted your spirits when you need it the very most... the person that gave you hope and happiness :)

The inspiring tales with the most likes will be picked as the winners after the competition closes at midnight on Friday 7th July.

Happy sharing :) Big love. xx

Photos from Boomtown Fair's post

Scrolling back through the weirdly wonderful pictures from last year, we are so lucky to have such a solid series of randomness from our citizens!
You lot never disappoint!
Looking forward to seeing what curiosities Chapter 9 will bring... 😉

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The resale of unclaimed deposit tickets has now finished and ALL tickets to Chapter 9 are completely sold out!!

A huge thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket, so much love for you all and we can't wait for you to join us in the city for the next chapter when we say good bye to our Palace and welcome the all new Towers...

For those that didn't get a ticket, we're sorry to miss you this year... BUT there are so many other incredible events taking place across the country, we're sure you'll find some fun somewhere.. our friends at The Secret Garden Party are putting on their last ever show so go check them out, it'll be incredible for sure! :) xx

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So many magical things happen between June and August...This is just the start of it all! :)

Happy Solstice everyone!!

Dear Citizens - although standard weekend tickets sold out a while back, if you would still like to join the madness of Chapter 9 then there are a handful of coach and shuttle package tickets back on sale from unpaid deposits...

These will be sold out in the next day or so and once they are gone they are gone!!!

As ALWAYS, do not buy tickets from people you do not know, we've already had a lot of reports of fraudulent tickets - please do not risk it!!

The sun is shining, the office is buzzing, the workshops are out of control...

City gates open in less than 6 weeks and we literally cant wait to see you all xxxx

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Summer's definitely here!!!!

Feeling like we need a massive water fight right now to cool down!

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Pulling together party people from around the globe, the vibrant streets of Barrio Loco bring this district to life.

Carnival vibes await in Downtown's cornucopia of colour - make sure to wander these beautiful walkways during your visit to the city this year...xx

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The time has finally come folks!!! Your festival tickets are being emailed out TODAY!!! Wahooooo :)

Please bear in mind it could take UP TO A WEEK before your full order arrives due to the sheer volume and variety of tickets being sent out, so please don't panic!! However, if by 22nd JUNE you think you've some tickets missing then please email - please do not email before.

For everyone who bought a Car Parking Pass - These are being POSTED out at the end of July and will only be available to purchase up to 12th July (after that they will only be available at the festival gates for an increased price).

Make sure the name on the ticket matches that on your ID - this is essential!! Names can be updated by logging into your TheTicketSellers Account ( - this can be done a maximum of 3 times!

Please don't buy tickets from people you don't know. If they won't change the name - do not buy them! xx

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'It's OK to live a life others don't understand' - Jenna Woginrich

59 days and counting!!! :) xx

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Today is a monumental day in the history of this country.
Over 2 million new voters have registered to vote and around 90,000 were under 25, which is amazing!!
Now the real mission is for everyone to get to the polling station...
If you're yet to vote they are all open until 10pm, you don't need your polling card to vote, and if you're unsure on where your nearest polling station is you can find it here:



For the first time ever, the official Boomtown Costumiers are opening their treasure clad doors to the
Citizens of our golden City!

Simply choose your inner character from the list below and email to get a handcrafted bespoke costume made especially for you and make your fancy dress dreams come true! With all fees going directly to the independent talented makers!!

Wild West: Cowboys and gals, bad guys and heroes, dubious land-ladies and underhand card sharks

Carnival: Fill the streets with bedazzling creatures and creations in a whirlwind of chaos and colour

DSTRKT 5: Implants, body armour, robotics, cyber punks and AI

BHI Rebels: Become your very own Bang Hai Rebel with an entire rainbow of 'Revolutionary

costumes' for you to choose from

Oldtown: Entertainers, Fisher wives, Scoundrels, Brigands, Sea dogs and Shanty singers



Sam and the Womp - East Meets West
Wild West: Mad Dog Mcrea - Am I Drinking Enough
DSTRKT 5: Audio - Ultron (Mefjus Remix)
Oldtown: This Way to the Egress - Tarantella
Carnival: Swappi & Jus Now - Cooler Cooler
Revolution: TQD - Ghosts

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Calling all split payment folks, don't forget the balance needs to be paid off by midnight tonight...
Just log on to your ticket sellers account here:
If you have any issues or queries please contact The TicketSellers: or 0844 870 0000. xx

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10 weeks!! :) xx

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Coach/Shuttle Traveller packages are the very last tickets available so if you'd like to be a part of this years adventure, snap one up before they're gone.
We've teamed up with Big Green Coach to bring you to the festival gates from a whopping 55 locations from around the country - that's more than we've ever had before!!
CampLight are on site to provide all the camping necessities so you don't have to lug your stuff across site - simply find your pre-pitched tent with accompanying sleeping essentials.
Less stuff = less stress, less to lose and less fuss!
Pack light, hop on your coach and leave your designated driver cares behind...xx

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Applications are coming in thick and fast for the volunteer roles this year... So if you fancy getting involved behind the scenes, being a crucial part of the city, as well as saving some money for the end of the summer, then come and be part of one of the best teams... :) xx

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All standard adult weekend tickets are now sold out!!!

However, for anyone still wanting to be part of Chapter 9, there are a few coach or shuttle bus packages available :)
Please note you MUST arrive via coach / shuttle for your ticket to be valid at the gates.
More info under COACH TRAVEL section here:

Please be super wary of buying any tickets from unofficial outlets, the name on the ticket HAS to be yours, if they won't change it, don't buy it!!
More info on how to keep yourself safe from fraudulent tickets here:

Ziggy Marley at Boomtown!

The sun's out, temperature's rising and we've got Ziggy Marley's reggae sounds keeping us all happy in the office!

Check out the hand picked Spotify playlists for each of the districts and get to know some of the acts joining us in a couple of months time...xx

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Heads up to all who've a split payment ticket - there are 2 WEEKS left to pay off the full balance...xx

More info here: (section 2)

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One day to go!!! Registration closes tomorrow at 23:59

A massive 2 million plus people have registered to vote since the election was called but there are still 7 million people that are able to vote not registered.

If you're one of those 7 million, don't miss the chance to make your voice count!!


King Kong Company at Boomtown!

New additions alert!! These guys, King Kong Company, have been making some serious noise back home in Ireland and will be bringing their relentless energy to The Bandstand stage along with 7 Seconds of Love at Chinatown Courtyard, Binker and Moses on The Windmill and Circe's Diner at Floating Lotus! Keep an eye on the website for any more changes as they come in and have a magical weekend xx

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Politics are for everyone and especially 18-25 year olds who have a REAL opportunity to make a difference!

Your voice will be heard if you use it to stand up and prompt change! You could even win some festival tickets in the process ;)

Just follow two simple steps:
1) Film yourself explaining why you'll be voting
2) Upload to the Mayday Mayday Facebook page

Films with the most likes will win tickets to Boomtown Fair Shambala Festival Love Saves The Day and more xx

Timeline Photos


There are less than 500 tier 3 tickets available ...

CH9 has been the fastest selling fair by miles and we can't believe how many of you are coming from all over the world to be part of really is amazing!

Please note: that after this there will only a very small amount of tier 4 and coach package tickets available.

It's just 12 weeks until we are all in the city for one of Earths most spectacular experiences ...


Twitchy Pixel

Boom of Thrones anyone?

The sweeping plains of Westoros meet the bass-ridden passageways of our city in one of the best un-official Boomtown videos we have seen - huge respect to Twitchy Pixel for their time and dedication on this ....

Photos from Boomtown Fair's post

For all those staying in ​the beautiful new​ quiet and family camping meadows near Whistlers Green, we strongly advise you buy a specific Family & Quiet Camping Car Parking Pass here:

This ​tickets ​allows you access straight into the campsites and its facilities. Residents with children can also enjoy ​the​ free shuttle service running on a continuous loop from Kidztown, Boomtown Fair to Whistler's Green, over ​to ​Oldtown and the Town Centre and then back again xxx​

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Remember to register to vote by Monday 22nd May to ensure you can vote in the election on 8th June.

Politics can feel pretty intense, with a lot of noise and not a lot of sense!

Over the coming weeks we'll be trying to tackle this and get our heads around what it all really means... We want to hear from you, and how you all feel about it and what you want your future to look like.

For now, head on over to for quick links to register to vote, and to be kept in the loop on competitions, videos and general discussions via the Mayday Mayday facebook page.


Design by Holy Moly UK

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Please take some time to explore the city's entire DJ line-up for Chapter 9.....

Genres include:

Acid Techno, Bassline, Breakcore, Breaks, Clowncore
Crossbreed, Dancehall, Disco, Drum N Bass, Dub, Dubstep, Dubwise, Electro, Electro Swing, Footwork
Frenchcore, Gabba, Garage, Ghetto Funk, Glitch Hop
Grime, Hardcore, Hardtek, Hip-hop, Hi-Tech, House,
Jump Up, Jungle, Liquid, Neurofunk, Old Skool, Psy-Breaks, Psy-Dub, Psy-Trance, Raggatek, Reggae,
Soca, Swing, Techno, Tropical, Vintage Remix, World Fusion

To download the poster in hi res please follow this link:


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In our little city of fun, the absolute dream is for everyone to be treated equally and to be accepted for who they are, with the ultimate mutual respect for each and every fellow citizen.

More can always be done to make everyone feel as comfortable and safe as the next person and we are again joining forces with the White Ribbon Campaign (UK) campaign, who, along with many of our fellow independent festivals, are determined to stamp out sexual harassment at music festivals and beyond.

Please be sure to look out for each other and speak up if you see or hear anything you're not comfortable with.

More info here:

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Please take some time to explore the city's entire live band line-up for Chapter 9.....

Musical styles include the following :-)

Ska, Reggae, Punk, Folk, Jazz, Metal, Mestizo, Brass Band, Dancehall,
Hip-hop, Scrumpy & Western, Chap-hop, Vintage Remix, 2 Tone, Hillbilly, Jump Up-Folk, Surf, Funk, Dub, Klezmer, Gypsy Punk, Swing, Psychedelic, Electro Swing, Soca, RNB, Pirate, Blues, Ragtime, Grime Punk, Carnival, Swing N Bass, Rocksteady, Country, Afrobeat, Balkan, Soukous, Cumbia, Rockabilly, Electro-Blues, Shamstep. Bluegrass, Jive, Gypsy Jazz, Latin, Folk Punk, Fusion, Psychobilly, Dub Punk, Roots, Tropical, Americana, Soul, Trip Hop, Riot Grrl, Afro-Cuban, Beatbox, Ska Punk.

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IMPORTANT - if you are looking to secure a split payment ticket for chapter 9 then please be aware that these tickets go off sale at 8pm this Sunday 7th x

Ticket link -

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Behind the Mask: the 9th chapter shall be written in 100 days ... xx

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With a long weekend of endless possibilities just around the corner, remember to make some time for the most important things in life... xx

Bang Hai Industries presents...

Where once stood a Palace now sits an empire...

More details here:

Timeline Photos

With every new Chapter, something truly astonishing unfolds!!

More info coming tomorrow at 1pm ... xx

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If the whole world's a game, what else is there to do but play!
Be part of the story, a legend waits to be born! :)

More info on character ideas coming very soon ... xx

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A district celebrating global dance culture featuring a whole spectrum of underground scenes including: house, techno, hip hop, garage, grime and disco.

Venues include: Vamos, Poco Loco, 24hr Garage Girls , Kaotik Kartel , The ASBO Disco, The Desperados Clubhouse.

Photos from Boomtown Fair's post

A feast for the senses, Barrio Loco explodes in to a vibrating hive of creativity and skills with a whole spectrum of sounds keeping this district thriving all weekend long...

Full line ups coming tomorrow at 1pm for: Vamos, Poco Loco, the Clubhouse and 24hr Garage Girls. xx

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Happy bank holiday everyone!!!

P.S. for anyone wondering, the new Bang Hai will be coming your way in the next 2 weeks... ;) xx

Boomtown Fair

Evolving from a small gathering of like-minded friends into a vast pop-up metropolis celebrating a dizzying kaleidoscope of musical and artistic endeavour. Boomtown is one of the worlds most innovative festivals, offering its 60,000 people a fully immersive, theatrically-led experience like no other with hundreds of actors bringing the film-like street sets to life.

From mindblowing main stages to enchanting backstreet micro-venues, Boomtown's nine fully themed districts vibrate night and day to a soundtrack exploring everything from ska, folk, gypsy, reggae, world, punk, pirate and disco, via electro-swing, jazz, bluegrass, bass, jungle and techno. It's a city where imagination truly is the only boundary.